Our fundamental technology and R&D

High quality surface condition of cutting metal surfaces has a good customer appraisal among our featuring high precision cutting and turning technologies. We have our specific technology called "Sophisticated Tooling Technology" such as “re-polishing of blades” that enables to bring the complete final process shortly to the cutting process.

2012, 2013: enlisted as a consistent enterprise of manufacturing in Itabashi Industry Joint Association

March 28, 2014: Won a “Technical Award in 7th MIRA International Conference” for a surgical aspirating tube of externally installed aspirators.

テクニカルアワード   MIRAI会議   mirai会議

New R&D

Taking the opportunity of Open Innovation Grant of Tokyo, we have started R&D for new cutting processes by fusing theoretical analysis and practical product technologies and findings.  

New Business

NUMATA Optics Machine Manufacturing Corporation has been supplying various components and parts installed in the ophthalmology measurement devices and tools.
On the request from cardiovascular surgeons, we started to join a medical device industry for which we have already several public support, one from Tokyo Industry Research Center and the from medical device evaluation program supported by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.



We will exhibit a booth in 19th Mechanical Components & Materials Technology EXPO, Jun. 24-26, 2015.


NUMATA Optomechanical device Manufacturing Corporation will join 14th International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference.

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