NUMATA Optics Machine Manufacturing Corporation is a unique parts fabrication firm dedicated for optics application locating in Tokyo Metropolis. We provide the best quality even for a spot order to sample manufacturing with our Mister Technologies developed through fabrication service experience for last 35 years mainly in optical science and scientific instrumentation.Since the qualities of the sample products are consistently same as those of the mass production that is after validation process, we can support your requirement to shorten the development stages.

Embodiment of national and regional quality tradition is our business. We provide high precision machining service for mechanical parts for precision optics and those for precision mechanics, such as sensors, automobiles, airplanes, ICT system devices, environmental engineering, and medical device applications.

Flexible order entry.
(from 1 to 1000 lots depending on material, complexity and time to delivery)

Since NUMATA Optics Machine Manufacturing Corporation is a small firm dedicating manufacturing high precision parts requited for optical science and scientific instrumentation, we can provide product that need highly challenging fabrication technology and low to high volume production. We have been working for customer satisfaction through high product quality so that an initial one spot order from customers will grow to continuous production order to support their volume production. It is our honor that our quality is always coherent over the difference of application and volume. Our location in Tokyo Metropolis is especially famous of the birth place of famous Japanese optical device companies and NUMATA Optics Machine Manufacturing Corporation has been working as a key supplier for them to procure their parts and components necessary for their new product manufacturing. The customer technical requirements and feedbacks are our large source of innovation other than our original technology development. We are always ready for providing the best solutions for the requirements of complicate lays and shapes, precision, post process after fabrication in wide range of materials; aluminum, brass, stainless steel copper and other industrial metal materials. Customer satisfaction is our business.

Reasons for customer select our quality

Customers who appreciate our major technologies prefer to repeatedly order to us; Variety of metals used for high precision machining Fabrication from metal round bars to complicate revolutionary forms Machining of a single item 71 to 200φ High tolerance in roundness, concentricity, parallelism, cylindricality, squareness, angularity, accuracy of position, symmetry Measurement using 3D geometry tool 1 micron tolerance Our knowhow for high precision machining enables us to shorten the preparatory work for fabrication.

Some customer says our quality is excessive quality, however it serves the stable quality of the products and the reduction of additional manufacturing inspection at customer manufacturing site, and all contribute to manufacturers’ cost down.


Wide range of fabrication services

NUMATA Optics Machine Manufacturing Corporation work for wide variety of technologies and requirements of products and applications such as those required in the industries of automobiles, airplanes, ITC devices, environmental application products, robotics and medical devices. All of the customer’s challenging requirements are our business and source of our technology innovation. We always propose the best solution for the customer inquiries and requirements based on our high quality manufacturing services.

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