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   Example1                   Example2
  加工例    加工例

   Example3                   Example4
  加工例   加工例  
Example 1 : thin collar, material A5056BD, 40-50φ, thinnest thickness 0.708 mm, tolerance 0.03 mm,
order quantity 5 lots (different dimensional condition and control for each lot)
Example 2: thin circular ring, material A5056BD, 10-200φ
Example 3: various lens barrels
Example 4: complex machining components

We can accept an order from 1 to 1000 lots (typical lead time before delivery is 2-4 weeks, depending final shapes and figurations). Selection of material is determined by the customer requests or our advices.

  試作例    試作例
  試作例A5056B   試作例A5056DB  
Sample 1: a water holding metal slim vase, material A5056
Sample 2: a curved collar, material A5056, thinness 0.6mm
Sample 3: a complex pipe joint, material A5056, diameter 30-58, coaxial consistency of outer and inner diameters 0.02mm, parallel tolerance 0.01 mm, consistent fabrication tolerance 0.005 mm, angle tolerance of blade positioning +/- 10 min.
Sample 4: a trifurcation, finishing from a block material A5056BD

       Sample 5: a demonstration work, metal objectives

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